Portrait-Foto von Marco Wittkowski.
Photography is regarded as an adequate tool to vividly describe the reality. However, photography is characterized through the subjective view of the photographer. Therefore, a photograph reveals more about its creator than about what has been photographed. The personal attitude of the photographer is clearly recognizable than that what we consider to be the reality in the photographs.

Since reality can only be perceived individually and is therefore never generally accepted, I try to deliberately approach my motives subjectively. I willingly abstract. When the motive dwindles, a lot of space appears for personal associations of the observer. Repeating themes are loneliness and sadness.

For years I have photographed the tediousness of the big city in the night. I have manually destroyed individual photographs and then fitted them together anew. This led to the creation of a surreal city panorama that appears to sink in the darkness. Even I had the possibility to work with the scanning electron microscope. I again combined panoramas from individual extremely small inscriptions. Size and scale are no more recognizable, reality can only be assumed.

portrait photo: Stefan Malecki
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