I Wanna Be Your Dog

Interspecies Relationships In Contemporary Art
17.01. – 22.02.2015 at Künstlerhaus Dortmund

I Wanna Be Your Dog - Einladungskarte

Opening on Friday, 16 January at 20:00 h

The cultural concept of society regarding the animal assumes the human dominance. The human dominates the animal in every way, also in the arts. Ensuing from that, a representation of the animal in the art is only possible from a human point of view. Otherwise the animal had to get the possibility to express its position, whatever the outcome of this expression would be. In order to do justice to the creature which is ultimately concerned, a suitable exhibition on this subject cannot be critical enough. To which extent and beyond an empathetic understanding is contemporary art able to overcome the constructed hierarchy of the „human as centre of the universe“? „I Wanna Be Your Dog“ is the foremost show of a further planned exhibition series at the Kuenstlerhaus Dortmund that shows positions, which question the universal consensus and search for alternative models and utopias. The exhibition throws a contemporary and ethically oriented view onto the matter. A catalogue with a text by Dr. Jessica Ullrich is envisaged for early March.

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